Hospital Bed for Home: Fowler Cot Bed Unboxing | How to install Hosiptal ICU Fowler Cot at Home

In this video, we are going to unbox and install the Hospital Fowler Cot Bed by AeonCare

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This Fowler Bed is also known as Hospital fowler bed it comes with Head Adjustable (lifting up and down manually) , Side Railing for safety, & IV Stand is a versatile and comfortable bed that is perfect for home healthcare, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. The bed has a headrest that can be adjusted to a variety of positions, including a full Fowler's position, which is ideal for patients who need to be elevated. The bed also has a side rail that can be raised or lowered to provide safety and security for patients. The IV stand is attached to the bed and provides a convenient place to store and hang IV bags.

Features of Uphealthy Semi Fowler Bed:

  • This manual fowler bed has Headrest that can be adjusted to a variety of positions
  • It has side rail that can be raised or lowered IV stand attached to the bed
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use

Benefits of Hospital Fowler Bed for Home:

  • Provides comfort and support for patients
  • Promotes safety and security for patients
  • Makes it easy to administer IV therapy
  • Its durable and long-lasting
  • Its easy to use

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