Basic Home Care Kit for Covid Protection - Aeon Care

After 2 months of lockdown,many states in India  are opening up and at the same time we are testing more patients - hence there is surge in the number of Covid Cases in many parts of India.While the Governments are working around the clock to flatten the Covid Cases it is extremely important for people to take care of their own safety by following same basic practices and also maintaining a Home Care Kit. Here is a quick list of Items that regular people other than in healthcare segment should always keep at home or office and some practices to follow at all times.

Covid Home Care Kit Products

  • 3Ply Non Woven Disposal Masks 
  • Cotton Reusable Masks after properly washed
  • Hand Sanitizers 
  • Face Shields or Face Visors
  • Sanitizer Spraying Bottle
  • Separate Cleaning Brushes
  • Nitrile or Latex Disposable Gloves
  • Nitrile Reusable Rubber Gloves after properly Sanitized
  • Digital Thermometer or InfraRed Thermometer or Ear Thermometer
  • Adequate Supply of Soap, Bleach & Disinfectant Liquids
  • Medical Device like Pulse Oximeter, BP Monitors and Sugar Checking Devices ( depending on the need ) 
  • Steamer or Vaporizer

The Above Home Care Kit Items covers most of the commonly required items but it is  good to recheck and calibrate against the Government suggestions. 

For Safe Practices please follow the guidelines as suggested by Government Health Advisory.

Safety precautions