Post Lockdown Safety Measures for Offices & Instituitions - Aeon Care
In Most places the lockdown has been gradually released and people have started to move around. This is a welcome move for the Economy but at the same time knowing our lack of awareness or priority for Personal Safety  & Safety of people around us this move can easily backfire because of few people's irresponsible behaviors. Here we are sharing some essential tips on how you can prepare premises against the Corona and maintain a Safer Environment. .
  1. Medical Insurance - Govt has  made Medical Insurance Mandatory for all employees and company is responsible to make this happen.
  2. Personal Protective  Equipment PPEs ( Masks, Gloves) for everyone - Based on the employee count stock up adequate number of PPE Supplies 
  3. Sanitizing Plan for people entering to office -How will sanitize the people entering your office premises? What type of Sanitizer Dispenses that you need to have? How Many and where all?
  4. Thermal Scanning for people entering to office and record data. You can use either Infra Red Thermometers or Mobile enabled scanners or Thermal Camera or IOT Devices which can scan temperature and also record the reading to a Cloud Database
  5. Have Clear Signboards with instructions for easier understanding for our people & Visitors.  Whoever is entering the office should know what to do next. 
  6. Courier receiving procedures & disinfecting the Parcels - Have a clear designated place to keep the parcels untouched for a day and if possible disinfect using Sprays.
  7. Restricted Movement for People This is important as many have the tendency to walk around the office for socializing. Kindly restrict such movements and maintain Social Distancing  at all times 
  8. Office Cleaning,  Visitor  Management, - Restrict time spent by  a visitor in office, Create awarness for People regarding behaviors, symptoms, self care, travel plan etc 
  9. Air Conditioner Settings - Need to be cautious regarding temperature settings or only use Fans
  10. Increased frequency of Cleaning/Sanitizing Wash Areas & public areas 
  11. For Shared Computers if more than one person uses the computer, disinfectant the computer before other person uses 
  12. SOP For visitors - Each visitor should read and sign the SOP ( Standard Operating Procedures) clearly at the Security before entering the Office Area. SOPs to be prepared and could be circulated in advance to the suppliers and visitors with appointments so that they are clear with DOs and Don'ts in the office premises. 

Stay Safe, Stay Protected, Maintain Social Distancing

Safety precautions