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Dyna Shoulder Support provides support and warmth to the injured shoulder joint. The Premium support made of 4-way stretchable material provides ideal compression, better comfort, and protection to the shoulder Shoulder injuries can happen while you’re playing sports, have an accidental fall, and even from overuse. If you have a pain in your shoulder, start by resting and immobilizing your shoulder with a brace or sling. A shoulder brace will help give your shoulder extra support while helping minimize the movement while recovering. They also provide stabilizing support that helps protect against unsafe movements, to promote safe healing without risk of re-injury.

Features of Dyna Shoulder Support:

  • Provides Support & Warmth to the Injured Shoulder Joint.
  • Made of 4-Way Stretchable Material Provides Ideal Compression, Better Comfort & Protection to the Shoulder.
  • Made of Stretchable Soft Material Which Can Provide Ideal Compression & Comfortable Shoulder Support.
  • Anatomically Contoured Shape Ensures Better Grip Around the Shoulder, Hook, Loop Straps Enables Easy Application & Removal.

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