Face Shield Glass - Reusable Clear Face Shield

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Face Shield Glass covers your eyes, nose & mouth, the main pathways through which virus enters your body, without hiding your face. This Clear face shield glass reduces the uneasy feeling of wearing a face mask or overhead face shield. This type of Face Shield Glass is first invented & designed by BLOCC. 

Features of Clear Face Shield Glass:

  • Easy to Assemble & Use.
  • Light Weight, Durable & Comfortable.
  • Ultra Clear & Distortion-Free Curved Shield.
  • This Clear Face shield glass is washable and reusable.
  • Compatible With Glasses And Face Masks
  • Face Shield Glass Covers Eyes, Nose, Mouth which Protects from Harmful Germs & Infections.

Packaging: This Face Shield Glass comes in 1 Pcs/Box (Box are available only for orders received after 08-06-2021)

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