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Medline Supersoft Cannulas are nasal cannulas offering a more gentle wearing experience thanks to several advanced features that make it easier to wear for a long period of time. A softer, more flexible material makes it much easier to wear and won't stick to the skin. This reduces the pressure that occurs behind the ears causing irritation, redness, and unnecessary friction that could make delicate skin worse. New patients to oxygen will have the best opportunity to receive the most comfortable cannulas, making oxygen use much easier to transition to thanks to a pain-free experience. Because the cannulas are soft and skin-friendly, there's no need to wear bulky ear cushions that could make wearing the cannula awkward.

Features of Nasal Oxygen Cannula:

  • This Adult Supersoft Nasal Oxygen Cannula gives Easier Wearing Experience for Any Patient
  • This Nasal Oxygen Cannula has Flexible Material Doesn't Stick to the Skin
  • Reduces Pressure Behind the Ears During Wear Time
  • Medline Supersoft Cannulas Helps New Oxygen Patients Become More Accepting
  • Softer Material is More Skin-Friendly on Users
  • Doesn't Require Bulky Ear Cushions to Be Worn
  • Crush-Resistant Material for Better Durability

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