Steam Vaporiser - 3 in 1 Steam Inhaler

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3 in 1 Facial Steam Sauna Vaporizer is unique in nature, it is useful for both health & beauty. This vaporizer is highly effective and easy to use. Steam Inhaler/Vaporiser is ideal for the purpose of inhalation during cold or respiratory problem. 

Features of Steam Vaporiser:

  • Vapowell Steam Vaporiser can be used as Vaporizer & Steamer interchangeably
  • This 3 in 1 Steam Vaporiser/Inhaler has a detachable design
  • Easy to fill water.
  • This steam vaporizer machine is easy to clean after usage

For Steam Inhalation:

  • This Steam Inhaler can be used to get relief from Common Cold, Cough & Stuff nose, Headache.
  • Useful in Aroma Therapy & Ayurvedic Treatments.
  • Helps to cure cold & fever
  • Facial Steam Bath comforts Skin after removal of make-up.