Vissco Medical Compression Stockings (Below Knee)

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About the Product :

Vissco Medical Compression Stockings are specialized socks that apply gentle pressure to your legs and ankles. They can help improve blood flow from your legs to your heart.

Features and Benefits :

  • These medical compression stockings can be used for post-pregnancy leg pain, pain due to varicose veins, weak and tired legs and other conditions causing pain and discomfort in the legs and requiring mild compression support.
  • By applying pressure to the legs, they reduce the extra fluid in the legs, reduce inflammation, and ultimately improve blood flow through the veins to the heart.
  • These stockings provide a uniform compression from the ankle to the knee. It helps to improve blood flow & prevent varicose veins. 
  • The skin-friendly material helps to maintain breathability while providing therapeutic effects
  • Latex-free double covered lycra is blended with composite yarn to make the material durable, breathable & skin-friendly

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