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A Walking frame is also called as Walker is a necessity for elders and patients who need additional stability and support while walking. When standing, Rehaid walkers provide enough support that the users doesn't require assistance from someone else. Because of its wider base, a Rehaid Walking Frame provides better support than using a walking stick.

Features of Dyna Premium Walking Frame (Reciprocating):

  • The Dyna Reciprocating Walking Frame is designed as per biomedical principles for proper weight distribution and has a wide frame for better stability.
  • Dyna's Rehaid Recriprocating Walker has foldable legs for easy storage, especially for patients and senior citizens who can be used on the go.
  • 100kg of Load Bearing Capacity
  • Walking Frame is an ideal option for Senior Citizens & Post Surgery Cases.

How to Use a Walking Frame:

  1. Adjust the height of the walking frame to be about waist-high. The height of the walker frame should be comfortable for the patient or senior citizens. It should allow for a slight bend of the elbow when you hold the handgrips of the walker. 
  2. Stand between the 2 sides of Walking Frame
  3. Gradually pick up the walker and place it a short distance ahead.
  4. Move a step forward to the walker
  5. Keep your back straight. Don't Huch over the walking frame.

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